Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm really miserable... Something make me unmotivated for all those past day.. It's all about missing someone so much. I hope she's the one who will be my wife dunia akhirat... Amin.

Being apart from each other make love fade and sometimes I kept wondering how should I do to make my love life fresh like those all days. Herm, I'm always praying to God for making my life much easier than before. For a certain time, I almost forgot what I've done to myself and how much I appreciate what I've done to my own life.

I don't have any savings, didn't know how to manage my own life, my own time and in the same time I don't remember to take care of myself.

Right, it was right that I should love myself before being a good husband to my love and being a good friend in the same time. It was difficult for me to capture her heart and yet, I'm not the best person who can me she laugh, happy and to to make she proud of. I can't ever do any surprises to her life and I feel like idiot being stupid like this.

Honestly, our love life is strengthened with our friendship and I feel lucky to met my future wife. Since we apart for work, there's so little time to spend together. This makes me to find a right time to do a call, to text her and finding the right time for date.

InsyaAllah, one day I'll marry her and be the better person that she can't never forget in her life. Amin...

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khairul onggon said...

owh.. tok kira lam list resolution taun 2009kah?? Hehehe.. smoga dptlah insan yg diidam ya..


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