Sunday, September 7, 2008

An Experience Flying with Twin Otter

F.Y.I, in Sarawak, the Rural Air Service is really needed to connect certain places that can't be accessed by road or far route. Well, since when, MAS is providing the service and in the meanwhile, take over done by Air-Asia sub-company, FAX. Since FAX doesn't give better service, MAS take their route again and rebranding the service with MAS Wings. I believe the people at northern and central Sarawak may know this service but it was really a new experience flying to those rural area.

I'm just assigned a work by State HQ to do some audit and observation. Two of the areas needs me to fly with MAS Wings and its small aircraft, Twin Otter. I fly to Lawas (LWY) and Marudi (MUR) from Miri (MYY). It was really an exciting experience at the airport but it turn to be a bit scare because the departure to Lawas is done during a not-so-bad day. The take-off is like you press your gas pedal on your car while the handbrake is still pull-on. Then after a full power being install, phommm! the aircraft just speeding into the airways and start to flying. It's just like you sitting on a single sit while two of your friend bring you up. Pretty exciting right? Well, I'll continue again as now I'm boarding for the next flight to Marudi.... also with Twin Otter which will take 20 minutes time.

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