Saturday, May 3, 2008

My First Day at Work!

It's a Friday morning. A Sayyidul-Ayyam, a leader of all day! I'm so anxious and pretty nervous to register myself as educator at GIATMARA. I've arrive at GIATMARA Bandar Kuching at early 7.20 a.m and just being called to attend staff meeting although I've not register yet.

5 candidates has being selected in the earlier interview in March.
  • Isya (Metal Fabrication at GM Betong)
  • Rashid (Food Management & Pastry at GM Bandar Kuching)
  • Irnawaty (Hair Stylish at GM Petra Jaya)
  • Sabrina (Beauty & Hair Stylish at GM Sri Aman)
  • Me (Computer System Technician at GM Sri Aman)
Mdm. Laila has brief out all the important things and working agreement including salary.After agreed with the offer, we spend our time with GM State Manager, Mej. Baharuddin. We all have been asked to stay a week in Kuching to do some mock teaching and adminstration.

My day last by doing medical checkup at Kuching Specialist Hospital.

Well, I'm now an official GIATMARA Malaysia Staff!

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