Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Boy with a Simply Stupid Minded

It was a day ago when I go to the one of famous motorcycle part centre in 7th Mile. There’s a young, rich-look and “big mouth” boy using his Ego-S come there and want to modify it. Changing rear absorber, white wall, brake level and some carbonized part (fake la)…. He looks so proud of his scooter but it all just ended when a pakcik tua using Yamaha 80’s just say… “Sik guna moto raget jang mun lampu brek belakang kitak angus. Berapa ringgit jak barang ya…”, said the old pakcik. I can clearly see the reaction of that boy become from a human to a small rat….

Ha! Just a reminder… Get yourself a rear brake bulb coz it just cost you RM2.00.

End of story…

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