Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Freak ISUZU Driver

It was this early morning aroun 6.45 a.m while I drive myself to Sri Aman for my new day at GM Sri Aman. This lunatic and crazy driver keep following behind my Ipsum while I'm at 130km/h. What i really know about this type of person is giving me a simple pressure test by doing psychology test. I'll never surender to this type of driver. Keep pushing the car into its limit and then I suddenly realize that he/she has a weak point in cornering at high speed. He's only depending on ISUZU power without realizing the safety features offered by that car..

It make me keep smiling because he just can follow me at straight lane but failed in cornering. What a happy Teusday morning as I'm going to Sri Aman for work for the first time....

Cheah!! Don't ever follow me behind coz you will learn a crazy braking habit from me... Just a reminder!

Have a nice day!

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