Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sarawak Bullet Train Idea.

SARAWAK Bullet Train Project

Well it's not a recent project of Malaysian Government. It also is not impossible to be done in Sarawak. The largest state in Malaysia. With it's size that's bigger than Peninsular Malaysia, I believe that this bullet train idea will be the first in South East Asia. Why?

Sarawak Located in Borneo

1. Sarawak doesn't have a proper high speed highway. This may increase the hours of traveling by road. For record, a journey from Kuching to Miri may take up to 15 hours with average speed of 80km/h.

2. Traveling by air may not be a choice for low-income people.

3. Sarawak itself has many cities and town.

4. Sarawak has a large volume of natural resources that can support this idea.

5. The existence of Bakun Hydroelectric Dam itself can generates more electric power and this also can be use for the Bullet Train.

6. This project also can integrate Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei at the same time.

7. Sarawak has it own economic corridor called SCORE which located in central of Sarawak.

SCORE Website

Ok. It's just and idea and I was really excited if this could happen in our state.
Let see if the first phase is from Kuching to Sibu. Just take a train with 300km/h speed. Meaning that, the journey from Kuching to Sibu may last for 1 and half hour only.

I wish it can come true. Many may say I',m crazy but this may benefits all Sarawakian and in the same time can let rapid technology development in Sarawak itself.

picture by Stuck in Customs

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