Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kuching Public Transportation

Kuching was label among 7 clean city in the world. Till now in 2008, the increasing of transportation has turn the city into traffic chaos but in my opinion there's not hard effort made by Sarawak government to overcome this matter.

Taxi service has gone a transformation but still there's no VIP class taxi offered. Correct! People will curse me for writing this type of comment and critics but as a Kuching citizen itself, i me m e a call to rise up this matter.

Secondly, the worst scenario is our bus transportation system. In the middle of 2007, all Kuching bus runner has come into a solution to do re-branding throughout old bus system into new image called Kuching City Bus. It's look like JKR Samarahan's Bus design. White colour with red,yellow and black stripe! What a old school selection. I don't think there's no graphic designer in Kuching.

Using old bus that I think older than me, changing colour and image doesn't assure the user got all the satisfaction their need by paying RM1.00. Except CLL bus, other are not equip with air condition and just using retro interior. This is 2008.

As a new generation, I think Kuching citizen will choose bus as their favourite transportation again if:

1. Use new age bus like those use in KL (Rapid-KL style) or like in Miri (Sarawak 2nd "Bandaraya".

2. Bus with air-condition and nice interior that will assure comfortableness.

3. A new high tech bus station built at old bus station near Saujana.

4. Wireless service in bus. TM should participate!

5. A proper bus time schedule.

I think many like me feel sic with this situation. Our "Bandaraya" status is not at our bus system. Maybe Sarawak government should take a serious look at this matter.

It's all about business. Like Patrick in Spongebob Squarepants says:

" It's a re-use technology!"

This may benefits if it's recyclable material but i don't think using old bus (save cost and gain extra ordinary profit ) is the best solution in this matter. They may say, "We can't buy all new bus in the same time. It should be done phase by phase". Hahaha. Rubbish!

Think about it! Just to a throughout transformation!

I think if all Kuching's bus like this, people will consider to use it!

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