Wednesday, April 30, 2008

L5 Project : A Chronological Review of Rusty's Car...

Well, Rusty is back! Now with his current interesting project. Changing his 7 years Perodua Kancil to a new image of himself. The estimation cost is secret!

Just last week he, himself just bought:
  • A L200 Turbo Halfcult (Bodykit sold to Baby)
  • L500 Rims
  • Avanzato Seat
  • L500 Front Bodykit
  • LSD (post from Bintulu maa)
  • Racing Clutch
  • Racing Cam
  • A Sony Alpha 200 ( to take a picture for himself
Ok, fine then. Still more things to buy such rear bodykit, dashboard, audio system, performance kit, smoke light meters and so on...

Let see first the team of this project.

Name: Lai a.k.a Pak Bujang
Position: Head of Car Surgeon
Age: Still 25+
Experience : 10 years

He was annoying for those who never mix up with him. Pretty make "sakit hati" sometimes but who cares because we are all the same.

One of our best friend and best mechanics too. Have gone through many car problem and one of the Skyline tuner. Having his own garage at home make we feel very lucky and happy to work with him.

Name : Mudin a.k.a Rusty
Position : Funder and Concept
Age : 20+

This "cute" boy is the owner of red Perodua Kancil which on the to transform to new image. An amateur photographer, a computer genius and serious Friendster's bulletin writer.

He love to drive and love to make others "sakit hati" too! Well, it's time to reunite with friends after a long lost... Huh?

more profile coming soon..

OK, let see the progress for the project!

Stage 1: Purchasing Parts

SOLD! A Full set of L200 bodykit from halfcut just being transfer to Baby's car including the nice headlamp and superbright spotlight!

Avanzato's Seat a.k.a Rusty's Car Butt Putter!

L500 rims.... Phewwit!!

A complete set of L200. Turbo generated Mira!

Stage 2: Ordering LSD and polishing!

LSD Gearbox!

still many to goes!

Stage3 : Engine Stripping

Lai stripping off the dasboard!

There you go! Engine taken out from the casis!

Finally separate!

Taking off all wire and part!

Finishing stage 3!

All team member excluding me and Rusty!

Stage 4: Engine Cleaning and Spraying

Cleaning process started. This is Lai's trademark in transforming engine.

Turbo Intercooler .. New breath!

Belting cover...

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Nerd said...

fuhh dah molah keta ehs.. bagus2 .. mun renew insuran lak padah aku keh .. Life insurance beli gik kkekek in case.. (to mudin)


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