Wednesday, June 8, 2011

USDM - A new phenomenon for Car Enthusiast like me!

USDM refers to United Stated Domestic Market. Well, as a JDM (Japan Domestic Market) fan before this, converting my Kelisa to Daihatsu L700TR is an interesting story and still on progress. Adding some american modification element to my Japanese-Like Kelisa (perasan gitu) is something that make me feel so anxious.

Well, somebody who didn't aware or "tak-port" sangat tentang kereta will seeing a car as a car. To a car enthusiast, MDM, JDM, USDM, EUROStyle, VIP, Bokuzoku, Iteyasha and many other is something that make your car different. Every people have their own reason to do or not to do the modification.

Well, as a car lover, I've seeing all this thing as something fresh and variety. Take a look to some picture of USDM modification. USDM be told like this!

  • USDM= style keta2 US
    JDM= Style keta2 jepon

    :wink: :wink: - Quote from
Let see the image below to look out what does USDM likely to:

Bersambung selepas Solat Maghrib

Bersambung kembali...

Well, in this post I will show some cars modified with a heavy American influence.
USDM fans like to build the cars to look like typical daily drivers you might see in the states. Popular modifications for this group include unpainted black bumpers and US-market corner lights and emblems. Front car bras are also a popular addition to these cars, though I don't recall seeing too many of these back in the states.

In Malaysia, Sarawak as an example, USDM modification is spreading fast. A community named SGFC (Senang Gaul Fun Community) introduce me the uniqueness of this modification culture. I may not follow all the USDM modification because i don't think I'm a LOWBALLERS!

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The term United States domestic market (USDM) is a term used chiefly by automotive enthusiasts to describe the United States' economic market for American-brand automobiles and parts. A similar automotive enthusiast term, Japan Domestic Market (JDM) is used to designate Japanese-market, Japanese-brand automobiles and parts.

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