Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Being Busy

It's June today and for those who are in Dayak Community, Happy Gawai Dayak, Gayu Gerai Nyamai. Yet, I was at home watching movie after being busy for past 5 month. It's interesting 5 month actually but since than I'm not a kind of person that many of my friend know me before.

I prefer to be a loner, doing job perfectly and became workaholic. Pretty luck on me, I've anage to get a straight week leave to attend my future wife convocation in Shah Alam which I consider a perfect time to spend for a holiday.

For those who are good in English, my post might contain so much grammatical error but I think this should be an opportunity for me to enhance my vocab after spend so much time speaking native language. I'm being annoy to my someone that use to act like he/she knows everything. In Sarawak language, this could be name "PENAUK". Well, this is not a topic that I should emphasize in my post, writing this make me feel sick!

My job urge me to be a vocational trainer for student in GIATMARA Sri Aman. But in the same time my responsibility is to complete a portfolio for 21 student! It's pretty tough with many kind of attitude and problem.

Today, I'm planning to settle down this job and produce a complete and perhaps, a perfect documentation!

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