Thursday, June 9, 2011

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USDM maybe a now term for us in Malaysia where most of us familiar with JDM or MDM.. USDM – United States Domestic Market is a culture origin obviously from US.. USDM are most popular by Honda enthusiast which convert all their bodypart based on the USDM specification rather than JDM spec.

However, like JDM, USDM also evolve rather than mimicking USDM factory units, the car will be fitted with accessories.

How to spot a USDM style car???

1. The car is not actually “american” cars. Most are Japanese car eg: Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan,

2. The car is slammed to the ground.. Either fitted with bags or coilovers..

3. Roof Rack… most of these guys dosent really need one but its a “requirement” for USDM style..

4. Fiitted the widest and largest rim you can. Roll your fender or even worse pull it out in order to fit your wide rim. and not forgetting -ve camber to make sure your wheel tuck under your fender.

5. Stickers~.. this add more HP to your car..

6. Wink Mirror… This one is familiar to JDM Move guys..

7. More sticker bombing!~.. don’t forget your interior also..

8. More and more sticker bombing..!~

Other optional requirement..

1. Rusted bodypart (derived from hot rod scene)

2. USDM movement gang stickers

USDM is getting popular now locally especially in the East Malaysia.. The trend is picking up fast there.. I haven’t saw 1 car USDM style yet in KL so why not anyone start to be the trend setter here????


benji said...

roger me on the stickers,,located in kl!ASAP!

benji said...

roger me !
interested!located in KL!!ASAP!

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